Rice Medical Center is a Critical Access Hospital with inpatient and outpatient
medical, surgical, and obstetric services. The hospital also provides 24 hour
emergency service coverage, a variety of specialty clinics, and a swing bed unit
program. RMC has the latest state of the art radiographic technology and surgical
equipment, as highlighted in our description of departmental services.

Rice Medical Center is a district hospital and also recently entered a management
agreement with Critical Access Healthcare (CAH). CAH was formed in 2007 to bring
unique solutions to Hospital Districts and governmental entities related to rural
community healthcare needs. This new partnership will enable the hospital to provide
enhanced programs and services, staffing, even more updated technology, and new
medical equipment and facilities for the patients we serve.

In addition to our hospital staff, RMC has a committed number of volunteers, both in
the Pink Ladies, our auxiliary, and the Rice Medical Center Employee Volunteers.
Both of those groups give countless hours of their time and money to support the
hospital and its services. Without their efforts, as well as the committed involvement
of our locally elected Board of Directors, the hospital would not have been able to
make many of the continual improvements our patients enjoy today.

Whether you are coming to the hospital for the first time or have been a long-time
supporter, we strive to make your experience here one of compassion and excellence.
We not only hope that you receive the best care that we can provide, but that you also
make it a point to tell your family, friends, and neighbours about RMC. We are here
to serve your healthcare needs!