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Monthly Health Screen
Second Tuesday of every month
7:30-10:30 a.m.
No appointment necessary


Glucose $5.00
Test for blood sugar to detect pre-diabetes or diabetes
* Fasting Glucose - do not eat or drink anything with sugar for 6 hrs prior to testing
* 2 hr. Glucose - to be drawn 2 hours after meal with sugar

Cholesterol $10.00
Cholesterol & Triglyceride $15.00
* Total Cholesterol measures all types of cholesterol
* HDL-Cholesterol measures the "good" or beneficial cholesterol
* LDL-Cholesterol measures the "bad" or non-beneficial cholesterol - a risk factor
* Triglycerides - another type of lipid or "fat" that can contribute to artery disesase

Lipid Panel $25.00
Tests include Total Cholesterol, HDL-Cholesterol, Triglycerides &
a calculated LDL-Cholesterol used for assessing coronary artery disease
risk and assessment of therapy for patients on lipid lowering medication

Thyroid Profile $30.00
Tests include T3-Uptake, T4, and TSH - hormones that affect thyroid
function. Thyroid hormones affect total metabolism and can be
increased or decreased requiring treatment.

T3, T4 or TSH $10.00 each
TSH is first step in assessing thyroid function

PSA $30.00
Test is Prostate Specific Antigen - a tumor marker for prostate cancer used in
screening for prostate cancer and monitoring treatment

ABO Group & Rh (Blood Type) $10.00
ABO Group & Rh test - This is Blood Typing to determine an
individual's blood type