Rice Medical Center has a New CAT
Scan Unit. The GE Multislice
Lightspeed CAT Scan has improved
image quality, smaller slice
thicknesses that gives more detailed
information to the Radiologist and
faster scan times.
(Picture Archive and Communication System). This allows us to
store the images on a server and the Radiologist to view these images
on any computer. Along with the CAT Scan, our MRI, Nuclear
Medicine and Ultrasound are tied into the PACS. Rice Medical
Center has also purchased a Computed Radiography system, which
has made the radiology department filmless. All x-rays are taken on
special cassettes that are processed by a computer and sent to the
PACS to be viewed. Ordering physicians on staff at Rice Medical
Center are now able to view their patient films over the web on our
secure site from their office.

Radiology Services
X-rays, ultrasounds, CAT Scans, MRIs, nuclear medicine,
bone density and mammograms and also performs special
procedures that consist of biopsies, aspirations,
thoracenthesis, paracenthesis, needle localization, barium
procedures, arthrograms, myelograms, epidural steroid
injections, and some vascular studies